From research to smartfood R&D

Smartfood R&D was originally based on the foundations of more than 5 years of research into interactions between bacteria and natural characteristics of raw materials, carried out by Frank Cleophas, founder of smartfood R&D. During his research, Frank made a number of interesting discoveries; he succeeded in extending the shelf-life of food using the natural characteristics of raw materials.

Meanwhile, smartfood R&D has amassed over one hundred years of R&D expertise. Over the past 25 years smartfood R&D has developed into the independent specialist in the shelf-life of food and non-food products. 

We work with a close-knit team of absolute specialists in their fields, with a focus on predictive modelling, accelerated and real-time shelf-life testing, industrial microbiology, recipe development, process validation, physico-chemical analyses and challenge testing.   


Unsolvable problems are made up of solvable partial problems.

- Frank Cleophas, smartfood R&D founder and CEO.

Frank Cleophas smartfood.

- Frank Cleophas, smartfood R&D founder and CEO.

Our mission

It is our mission to support our clients in controlling microbiological risks. We make sure that we keep allocating budgets to invest in knowledge, finding solutions to microbiological issues we expect to arise in the (near) future.

This approach has resulted in the development of an extensive range of high-quality services in recent years, providing a thoroughly founded solutions for difficult dilemmas in the management of microbiological food safety risks, like for example Listeria monocytogenes risk management.

We will continue to investigate. We want to know how things work, why things do not work, what the exact extent of a food safety risk is, in which exact areas these risks can arise and what the most effective way is to eliminate these risks. 

Our contribution to food safety

Pathogen risk management requires the integrated approach smartfood R&D provides. Thorough risk assessment requires an integrated approach. It’s all about the details again: knowing precisely, measuring precisely, and intervening in exactly the right place with exactly the right resources to eliminate the food safety risk. 

We consider bringing safe and high quality food products to the market as a responsibility that we share with our clients. Our contribution to food safety is in our taking responsibility for the continuous investment in knowledge that enables our clients to bring better, thoroughly secured and safe food products to the market. 

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