Protective bacterial cultures

We are seeing a steady increase in the use of protective bacterial cultures – a method of preservation for which beneficial and harmless bacteria are added to products. These harmless species prevent unwanted bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes from developing and growing.

We consider the use of protective cultures to be of great importance in future preserving. In recent years we have invested heavily in building up knowledge about the function and use of protective cultures, and we recognise a steady increase of the number of protective culture varieties in the market.

Application protective cultures

The applicability of the various cultures depends on the product, the process and the desired shelf-life. Selecting the suitable protective cultures and applying and validating their effectiveness correctly is a specialism in itself. Smartfood R&D has developed a high-quality range of services to support clients in selecting the right protective cultures and the full implementation of these cultures. 

Are you interested in sparring with us about the applicability of protective cultures in your product?